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Event Design




Igor's Theme light lab design

I designed a light show to Igor's Theme by Tyler, The Creator as a project for the advanced lighting design class at Penn State Univeristy. The show was run by OSC messages from Qlab which fired cues on an ETC Gio @5 lighting console. 


The Penn State School of Theatre has sought creative ways to produce shows during the COVID-19 pandemic. In November of 2020, I worked amongst a group of fellow students to devise an audiovisual interactive piece that was produced for a limited number of spectators. We produced "The Alexa Project" where spectators had to use their smartphones to stop the Alexa Smart Theatre from taking over the world. I served as the Production Electrician and Assistant Lighting Designer. 


Lighting Design: David Heguy

Sound Design: Alex Pregel

Projection Design: Sydney Smith

Interaction Design: Jonathan Langberg

Stage Manager: Rachel Zwerver

3D Drafting

This set was originally designed by Milagros Ponce De León for The Fords Theatre and their production of Ragtime. I modeled this set in Vectorworks for an advanced drafting class at Penn State University. The color renderings are done with Twinmotion. The colors and textures in Twinmotion are not an exact replica of the design but rather a near equivalent.  


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