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Instagram Q&A

Recently, I reached out to my Instagram followers for a little Q&A that I could share here on the blog! If you want to submit a question be sure to contact me here on the site or follow me on Instagram @the.kyle.shearer following me on Instagram is also the best way to learn about new blog posts!


What is your favorite gobo?

For me, it depends on the instance. If I am designing a cue that features movers, I absolutely love a circular gobo. Something that looks like Rosco 81115. I think to see that under a solid amount of haze is a really cool look. I use it prominently in my New Magic Wand previs video. It creates an effect that makes someone look like they are behind some sort of shield while not brightening the actual figure. Having seen it in person, it took my breath away.


Who are some theatre artists you look up to?

I have a few ways I look at this. First, there are well-known artists I follow through social media. Most of them are Lighting Designers such as Mike Wood and Cory Pattak. The photos they post of their designs are amazing and they inspire me to be a better designer. I can confirm Mike Wood is a really awesome person as I have messaged with him and attended some of his live streams.

When I first started doing theatre seriously I got to see the work of Adam Karsten who at the time was the Artistic Director of Weathervane Playhouse. When Adam directed a show it always knocked my socks off and got me excited about theatre.

I also have people who I have worked with directly that I look up to a great deal. Mostly they are designers and teachers I have worked for and studied under. My former summer stock colleagues and my current instructors at Penn State have always taught and inspired me to be a better person and a better artist. I am lucky to have them and I am grateful for the journey theatre has led me on!


When did you know you wanted to go into theatre?

I will admit that it was not until you asked this that I realized there really is not a tangible moment I can think back to. I would say I knew I wanted this to be my life after the summer of 2017. I did my first summer stock work and my first ever design all in one summer. I did four total shows and had my first 80 hour tech week. That was by far the most shows I had ever done in such a short timespan.

Despite the long hours, I was having the time of my life. It was after that summer when I really started looking into options for studying theatre in college. Working as an apprentice around a bunch of professionals in the industry also taught me a lot about what life would be like if I chose to make this my career. The more I learned, the more I realized that this career had already chosen me.


Thank you for submitting your questions this week! Be sure to send me your questions for future Q&A. Follow me on Instagram @the.kyle.shearer

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